Tuesday, March 18, 2008

For the truly bored

I was doing my Easter basket internet research the other day when I stumbled across some really crazy Playmobil play sets...here are some pictures of the ones I found particularly esoteric:

Children with Guinea Pigs

Vending Machine

Polar Researcher with Sled

Here are some other situations that are specific enough, yet also universal enough to create Playmobil play sets out of (in my opinion):

Dentist's Office Waiting Room Play Set (Complete with clipboard for filling out new insurance information!)
State Vehicle Inspection Waiting Line play set (Wait in line just like Mom and Dad!)
Spring Cleaning Play Set (Your child will have a blast deciding which items go to Goodwill and which ones get sold on ebay!)
Mommy's Getting Highlights play set (Free with purchase: "Babysitting Daddy!")

Got any of your own ideas? I could start a list to send to Playmobil and make us all rich!!


Suzanne said...

You are so funny! I noticed how specialized Playmobil can be last time I looked at them. But I like your ideas even better!

Anonymous said...

How about "It's Fun to play at the YMCA" and "Let's go on a cross-country road trip"?


Elizabeth said...

Ha! I was trying to come up with a road trip one...I kept thinking of a miniature Cracker Barrel, complete with fireplace and books on tape. : )

Phillips Family said...

"mommy takes two small children to grocery store" set complete with mega-shopping cart/little tikes car, baby bjorn, purse with actual contents for toddler to spill, and countless sippy cups and cheerios...

Anonymous said...

Makes me think about the elaborate Barbie sets I used to have as a child and, also, that 'play' article you posted a little while ago. These types of playsets really take away from the "improvising props" part of playing...and thus, take away a bit of a child's development and imagination. I LOVE these playsets, but I'm wondering if it is only because it's what I'm used to...? Regardless, they really made me laugh! Guinea Pigs? :-) Nancy

Duchess F said...

Forgive me for turning to the slightly "darkside" of this post but, did you come across THIS at all?

Playmobil's "Security Checkpoint"


The reviews are not to be missed.