Monday, April 28, 2008

With Five You Get Minivan

So, in case you're wondering why I've been sort of lame in the posting department lately, I have a good excuse! It's because I've been too busy falling asleep spontaneously, surfing baby name websites for an obscene amount of time, pondering whether a laundry-hating person such as myself could actually attempt cloth diapers, and researching minivans. Yes, mommytown is getting a little number three is on his/her way!!!

For a long time Brandon and I really debated about whether or not having three kids was such a good idea. We have a pretty good thing going on right now seeing as we have the two most awesome kids ever (all of my readers' kids excluded, of course). Are we just setting ourselves up for some really lame kid that maybe won't be as cool as our other two? What if no one really likes this new kid? Or they are the type to always stir things up and want to play cowboy when Emma and Charlie want to play space explorers? What if they hate all things princess and transportation-oriented?

Plus, you pretty much have to get a giant car once you have three kids. Our hip, small car days are numbered. We considered all these possibilities and decided to go ahead and tempt fate in the hopes that we will have a third kid who is just as awesome as the other two. Plus, I am a third child myself, so I am biased toward third-born children everywhere. My parents probably had all these same worries and discussions and went ahead with things anyway. Hopefully they don't have any regrets? There was probably a moment of regret there in my late teens.... We won't go there now, though.

Baby number three is due November 5th-ish and we couldn't be happier. The first trimester is pretty much history and I am glad to be back to my non-nauseated self. So far, this baby is quite the mexican food aficionado. I had the realization recently that I incorporated guacamole into just about every meal we ate last week. I am all about the avocados (and the chocolate ice cream) lately. He/she also already gets the hiccups and seems to be very laid-back--both traits we witnessed on the ultrasound last week when, save for a spastic hiccup every now and then, we could not get the little bean to wake up and show off his/her spinal cord and profile.

Well, the kids are home from preschool now, so I better pay them some attention. The kids are talking to me in their robot voices right now. WE-ARE-TALK-ING-LIKE-RO-BOTS-TO-DAY-A-PPAR-ENT-LY. IT-IS-PRET-TY-FUN-TO-TALK-LIKE-A-RO-BOT. GO-A-HEAD-AND-GIVE-IT-A-TRY...YOU-WON'T-BE-SOR-RY. HAVE-A-GREAT-DAY-MY-FELL-OW-RO-BOT-FRIENDS.


Pam said...

As you know, we are *so* excited for you...and I'm even more excited to learn that the newest McBride is a hiccuper! Talia also hiccuped in utero, and now every time she gets the hiccups I think back to her pre-baby days--and she loves hearing about how she used to hiccup when she was still inside me. Many happy hiccups ahead for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Any regrets? Are you kidding? If your third child is anything like mine, he or she will not be like his or her siblings, but a totally unique,independent free spirit. If we had decided not to have a third child, we would be the lesser for it. Our third child is a blessing to us every day of our lives. I'm not going to tell you there isn't going to be more work, more laundry and more stress. But is it worth it? You bet! I can't wait to meet and hold this blessed little baby who will have you for a mother. I am also blessed to have you for a daughter.

Phillips Family said...


I laughed out loud over the thought of "What if nobody likes this third kid?"