Friday, November 14, 2008

Sleep Like a Mommy

Two weeks of missing key hours of sleep have left me feeling a little punchy. I have that feeling I always used to get during finals week in college when my procrastinating would catch up with me and I'd stay up four nights in a row reading about 10 books and writing papers on them. Amazingly, I got pretty good grades in college. I think it's because lack of sleep makes me weirdly hyper and sort of wired...until it doesn't anymore. And then I slip into an abyss of exhaustion, where navigating the world feels like slogging my way through a big ocean of jello, as though everything in my life is sort of suspended in a big, giant jiggler of slow motion. But thankfully that hasn't happened yet! I'm still in the hyper stage of things! Jello salad anyone???

Right now I want to bake bread, clean the bathrooms, write thank you notes, and organize my closet. I actually bought ingredients to make a mini pre-Thanksgiving dinner the other day. Just for fun!! Yep, it's crazy town over here.

I have ideas for writing, things I want to read, exercises I want to do once I can exercise again. I wish I could bottle this baby-induced euphoria and bring it out later when I am in the jello stage of things, which will hit probably around the time I need to get serious about Christmas shopping.

This blog entry would be a lot better, except I keep having to stop every two seconds to tell Emma how to spell "crayon" or how to make a "2." She is manically drawing pictures at the moment and cannot be stopped. She has these creative bursts almost daily where she simply must draw pictures and "write." I guess I can relate to that.

I must admit, despite all this energy I seem to have at the moment, I still fantasize about naps. That's the thing about having three kids...there's really no napping going on around here (except for Teddy). Life has resumed it's normal routine and that routine does not include kids who nap unfortunately. I keep trying to imagine ways I could somehow occupy the kids so that I might close my eyes for a few minutes. Maybe I could paint some open eyes onto my closed eyelids? Start wearing dark sunglasses indoors? Heading to my room for some shut-eye just isn't in the cards right now. We're not at the point yet where Mommy can be unconscious for more than say, five minutes, while the kids roam freely. I envision Charlie bouncing balls into my wedding china and Emma ordering speedboats and diamond rings online while I blissfully snooze upstairs.

Well, I better go wake up Teddy so he can eat and have a little awake time before retiring to bed again. What a life he has! I hope he realizes how lucky he is.


DCVol said...

Hey friend! I am just catching up on your "post-Teddy" posts and am loving are such an awesome expressor of words. I would love, love, love to come play with Emma and Charlie and let you nap~ you just tell me when, and B and I will gladly wisk them up and perhaps take them for a walk or a trip to the Chick Fil A play area for lunch and fun. Seriously~ I am always up for an outing, B gets cabinfever and gets sick of looking at me, and you live SO CLOSE! Hope to see you guys and that precious baby boy soon. Hugs, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to let you "jello out" and take all the naps you want starting Tues. afternoon. G & G

Robin said...

How do you survive without naps? That post-natural childbirth high must have worn off by now, surely??? Seriously, how much caffeine are you downing over there? :) I hope you take advantage of Emma and Charlie's preschool hours to sleep from time to time. There is more to life than cooking, cleaning, writing thank you notes, and ordering stuff on the internet. I think. :)

See you soon!