Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shhh honey, Mommy's blogging about that funny thing you said yesterday.

This article is exactly what bugs me about mom blogs these days and why I rarely go cruising the internet looking for mom blogs to read. I've always had an "if-you-build-it-they-will-come" philosophy about my blog. I don't have a tracker that counts how many people visit my blog. I have no idea who's reading this thing. I keep meaning to get one, but then there are other pressing things to do, like, oh, I don't know hang out with my kids.

I feel like if the writing is decent and strikes a nerve, people will read this. All this crazy marketing of oneself makes me very uncomfortable. I have been trying to give Twitter the old college try. It is a good way to connect with other writers, especially other moms who are writing. I really like that about it. But I hate the narcissism that it breeds. Every time I get a new follower (and it is not often), I actually am fooled into believing that it means something, that my stock has just gone up a tiny bit.

This kind of thinking is dangerous. I recently got a new follower and they even put my Twitter "handle," "mommytown" in the line of one of their tweets. They said something like, "mommytown, you'll love this." I was blushing from head to toe. I had a secret admirer! And they were basically shouting their devotion to me from the rooftops! Alas, they were just trying to sell me on their ad agency specializing in social media. Of course. That old trick.

How many minutes of my life did I waste on that stupid tweet? What did that emotional roller coaster ride do to my psyche? What fun kid activity and how many loads of laundry could I have done with that precious time? I'm all for moms doing creative work and getting paid for it, but when that work involves turning the hilarious shenanigans of your kids into a brand that you try to sell to the highest bidder, then that sort of makes me want to puke a little. Go sell it somewhere else, sister, because this mommy isn't buying it.

Harsh? Read the article and see what you think. First five commenters get a brand new Fleurville diaper bag and will be entered for a chance to win a trip to Disney!!!!!!*

*; )


Anonymous said...

It is hard to be an ethical person in this day and age. I admire you for being clear on your priorities.

Phillips Family said...

My husband sent me this article last week....right after I heard that Pioneer Woman has sold the rights to a movie.

I am with you. I don't get the mass marketing thing, the quest for sponsership, the desire to live life on Twitter. Ugh. What happened to go old fashioned writing being appreciated as opposed to who Chevy just picked to "test drive" a car for a month (Which just happened here in DFW to five mommmy bloggers)???

Keep on writing, Mommytown! I am reading even if you don't have a Fleurville to give away :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, guys. I was afraid this post was a little too mean. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels this way. Pioneer Woman the movie? Good for her (she wrote, seething with jealousy). I would love for someone to turn my blog into a movie. It would be one boring movie, but my mom and I would be loving every minute of it. I don't even want to drive a stupid Chevy for a month. Move my millions of car seats? No thank you, Chevy. I'm good.

Thanks for reading and commenting despite my lack of swag. I appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

You are so right! I would love every minute of it. Your life's not boring though--it's HARD WORK and you do it so well.
One Proud Mama

Grace said...

I'm with you, I would love to know who, and how many people are reading my blog.

The Fearless Formula Feeder said...

I totally see where you are coming from, even though I am probably a prime example of the very narcissism you're talking about. But in my defense, I only started blogging b/c I was angry and needed an outlet while I waited for someone to agree to publish my book. Well, the book is still in limbo, but the blog has grown exponentially... and for now, that has to suffice.

Because of this, I find myself paying far more attention to the blog then is probably healthy, but I can't justify giving that time/attention to a book that may never find a home. As a writer, I need to get my thoughts out somehow... and the blogosphere is as good a place as any, IMO. Do I obsessively check my Google Analytics? You bet. Does it keep me sane by giving me a creative and professional outlet, a "break" from the monotony of my mommy life, and the ability to parent better b/c I have a sense of self worth (regardless of how pitiful it make me to find my self worth in how many people read my silly blog)? You bet.

However, I definitely think that the mommy blog phenomenon has reached a fever pitch, and I see your point! I just wanted to be honest about my own shortcomings...:) Love your blog, by the way...

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for your comment, Fearless Formula Feeder. I totally relate to what you're saying. I think it's a little disingenuous of me to act like I'm not seeking fame and fortune through my blog. Because I am. Even though I know that is a very unlikely scenario; it's still a scenario I enjoy fantasizing about. And it keeps me going on those Cinderella days when all I'm doing is cutting other people's toe nails and providing a shoulder for someone to wipe their nose on.

My blog has been a really great way to share my writing with other people. I am not knocking that aspect of blogging at all. I think my issue is how I feel pressured (sort of) to spend as much or more time marketing my blog as I do writing it if I ever want it to be more than just a needle in a haystack. I wish being a writer didn't entail so much self-promotion, but that's not going to change anytime soon.
Who am I kidding? I can barely type this comment because my kids will not leave me alone. No wonder I'm not out there doing my own PR.