Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goodbye, vacation. Hello, summer!

We just flew in from Texas and boy are my arms tired. We went on our first airplane ride sans stroller which definitely expedited things in security, but meant that we were carrying Charlie and our many carry-ons through the airport. It's all well and good to try to refuse Charlie's demands to be held, but he is the master at the leg grab. Once he has latched on your choice is to miss your flight and spend the next ten days at the Au Bon Pain outside of gate 23 or just pick him up.
When I say we 'just' flew in from Texas, that is a bit of an exaggeration...we got back two days ago, but I feel like I'm just now getting back into the swing of things. It's amazing how long it can take me to get my groove back after a trip. I blame it on all the blood circulating away from my head and toward my tummy. Speaking of tummies, mine has grown exponentially since being away. When we left for Texas not even two weeks ago I was still able to pass myself off as a slightly chubby person who perhaps needed to cut back on the Budweisers. Now, I am unmistakably a waddling, pregnant person who can barely make it from a sitting position to a standing position without assistance. I was trying on maternity clothes about a month ago and thinking how crazy big they all are and how they will never fit and I will just have to buy all new smaller maternity clothes. Uh, yeah, whatever. I can't believe that it is my third time gestating and I actually thought I would never fill out my maternity clothes. Well, needless to say I will not be going on any maternity shopping sprees anytime soon. My old clothes fit just fine.

We had a great time in Texas seeing all of our relatives. We got to spend time with Gigi & Granddad in Hutto, Texas and then we were off to Bastrop to hang out with the Mimi & Granddaddy side of the family. I finally managed to finish Atonement and in the end I really liked it. If not for publicly stating that I planned to read the book I might not have made it through the middle section about the war. That part was not as much fun as the beginning or the end in my opinion. What did you think, one person who read the book? I'm curious...feel free to comment below. You know who you are.

At the risk of boring you to tears, I now want to share some of my favorite vacation photos...

Charlie typing a few emails before we take off.

Here's Charlie blowing out the candles on his pool party cake.

Pool Party Cake!!! In my opinion one of the best parts about being a mom is that you get to make silly cakes (and eat them). This cake was very easy and fun to make...just slap a few bathing suits on some Teddy Grahams and you're halfway there.

Brandon and Emma sporting the visors we made at the pool party. This turned out to be a really fun craft. Turns out everyone loves wearing funny visors!

Charlie making s'mores with his cousins at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop, Texas. We ate s'mores almost every night of our 4-night stay at the Hyatt...hmmm...maybe that's why the tummy is a little bigger this week?

One happy girl and her s'more.

Emma preparing for her pony ride. Is beaming too strong a word to use here? They had her at the helmet.

I think this might be our only family picture from the whole trip. I think it is hilarious.

Charlie's turn riding "Buddy Love" (insert Brokeback Mountain joke here).

That's all for now...we had a great's good to be home though. You can't eat birthday cake, s'mores and ride ponies forever. Now it's back to our lazy summer days spent at home watching our tomato plants and my tummy grow. I am looking forward to filling the time with walks to the library, time spent at home watching my kids invent wild scenarios involving super heroes, babies and parking garages and I'm sure there will be a time-out or two along the way. Happy first day of summer to you! Enjoy!

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Robin said...

So glad you're back! Loved all the photos and can NOT believe how grown up Charlie is these days. Wow. And I'm SO copying that cake idea someday. I don't technically have a Summer baby, but it's pretty dang hot in May around here. :)

Much love,