Monday, June 30, 2008

Random thoughts

Okay, this is going to be a really disjointed, uncreative, rambling sort of entry. I'm slightly fried from writing 22 new pages of my novel over the past week!! This has got to be an all-time record for me. Not even in grad school did I write 22 pages in a week. I don't know if I can keep up this pace for the next 300 pages, but I'm hoping.

And now we're on to the next topic...see I told you this would be disjointed. Has anyone else out there seen Wall-E? I bought tickets online when we went to see it and that turned out to be really unnecessary as there were all of five other people in the audience with us. It is definitely not your run-of-the-mill Disney Pixar movie. Wall-E the robot is no Buzz Lightyear...but, boy was this a GREAT movie! My kids really enjoyed themselves, but Brandon and I thought it was thought provoking and really smart. I'm too fried right now to go into much more detail than that, but just go see it and then you'll see what I'm talking about. It will definitely make you think long and hard about the trash you throw away and what it's doing to our planet. It definitely sealed the deal for me in terms of giving cloth diapers a shot with baby #3. I don't think I can justify the mountain of disposable diapers my sweet little babe will leave behind in some landfill long after we are all gone. The thought of Wall-E building his sad trash skyscrapers out of all those diapers is just too much to bear.

Speaking of baby #3, have I mentioned that we did end up finding out the sex of the baby and that it is a......drum roll please.....boy! Woo hoo!! I love having a boy...I love their stinky feet, their love of all things with wheels and their absolute devotion to all things Mommy. I feel like I am growing my next biggest fan in my tummy right now, which is very motivating and exciting. The only thing I do not relish about having a boy is naming them. I think boy names are very hard. And now we're sort of locked into a baby-naming trend with Emma and Charlie. Like, we can't just up and name our third baby Jacques or Rocco. That would be a little weird. I absolutely love thinking about baby names in the abstract, love looking at all those baby name websites where you can look up names and talk about names with all the other baby name nerds out there in cyberspace. But, when it comes to actually coming up with a name for YOUR baby that is not like some hypothetical baby you would have if you were a lot cooler than you really are or if you were married to a rock star or something, but your real baby that will reflect who you are as a couple and what you're all about, it's hard. Run-on sentence, anyone? I'm too tired to even care anymore.

So anyone got any good boy baby names for me that "go" with Emma and Charlie? If so, comment away please!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about Wall-E! It comes to our little theater on base next week and we were already planning on going anyway (one movie at a time there). Maybe we'll see it all 4 times...

Tabitha and I were reading Peter Rabbit stories last night and came across Benjamin Bunny. That struck me as a good classic boy name that doesn't seem to be used very much.

So excited about your novel writing. Keep up the crazy pace!!


mdm said...

Baby names. I'm am so out of practice. (Thank goodness.) Only one of ours I got to name was Breck. To this day he thinks he was named after a bottle of shampoo. (He wasn't.)

So, you guys have to decide on your own. If you follow the short alphabetic pattern, from E to C and then, it should start with an "a". Therefore, you must name the child Anonymous. That way you honor the pattern and allow him to move through society speaking and acting more freely and effectively than the rest of us have been able to do.

Anonymous said...

How about the name Anthony or Adam if you choose to use the short alphabetic pattern from E to C. Otherwise if you're open to the other end of the alphas, what about Levi or Joshua or Matthew or Timothy? Just a few suggestions...

Phillips Family said...

Boy names are hard! I worked with a lady once who had two sons, both named after arch-angels. They said they were going to name the third son after an angel as well (they were very devout Catholics). Anyway, number 3 ended up being named "wally." Odd.

Speaking of "Wall-E" my husband and I saw the movie and loved it. It has such a great message, that unfortuanately most people won't get.

Raegan Brown said...

Not to rain on your cloth parade, but just some info from my experience... I did the cloth diaper thing with Owen (used a service) and I stuck it out for 7 or 8 months but then I broke down and switched back to disposables and here is why:

1. It was not much more $ than paper assuming I never had to replace covers I messed up before he grew out of them or bought paper; however...

2. Covers can be tricky to wash w/o messing them up (then they'll bleed through.)

3. Church nurseries and other places like that usually require papers so as he got older I was buying them sometimes anyway.

4. Once we were getting out and about a lot more, it just got annoying to have to keep up with the old dirty ones in my diaper bag and then clear them all out at the end of the day so I'd usually use paper for when we were out, defeating the whole purpose!

The one thing that kept me going as long as I did was the promise that they would potty train faster with cloth and my service had a 2-year guarantee where you didn't pay after 2yrs old if they weren't trained.

There are these diapers at HEB now where you flush the main part down and if we weren't on septic, I'd give those a go.

Good luck!