Saturday, March 21, 2009

How does your garden grow?

We may not all agree on bailouts and health care, but can we all agree gardens = good?

We aren't going to be able to do much gardening this year...apart from killing our little sproutlings that are currently suffering on the windowsill, but I'm pumped about joining the Great Country Farm CSA . We'll get a weekly box of fresh produce and unlimited visits to the most fun farm ever. And lots of excuses to make that beautiful drive to Bluemont, VA. Can't wait until it's warm enough to go!

Got any gardening plans? Eating plans? Spring plans? I'm so jealous of all the Texans out there who are already picking strawberries and whatnot (Suzanne). This is the time to be a Texan if you can swing it.

Happy Saturday!!


Suzanne said...

Oh, that is awesome that y'all get to do that! It was so much fun this week not only to visit a farm, but to pick our own produce. I can't believe we hadn't done it before. I bet you'll love your produce box. I've been getting a hankering (sounds like farm-talk to me)to start ordering from Greenling again. They deliver organic local groceries to your door.

Katherine said...

How wonderful! :) Wonder if we could petition our HOAs/Condo associations now -- and use the line, "if the White House can have a garden, shouldn't we be able to???" :)

Can't wait to see you guys at the farm this summer. Nelson is already talking about riding on the trailer and picking edamame (yes -- my child - the one who won't eat any of the berries - will eat edamame out of the field!!) :)

mdm said...

I'm no Texas benchmark on gardening schedules. (Seems as though I could plant in January and be behind everyone else.) But, today, yes today, I finally planted something. When it comes up, I can tell you what it was/is.

Robin said...

I'm jealous of your CSA and the beautiful drives to the farm you'll enjoy! But Jeremy did do some serious work this past weekend on our little postage-stamp sized garden...with any luck, we'll have tons of basil, a load of mint, lavendar, rosemary, and some greens to brag about this summer. Oh, and as many tomatoes as our plot can handle. :)

Happy summer eating,