Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hands-free blogging

Really wanting to write a post right now, but have no hands to do so. Need some sort of magic blog helmet that I can wear and just download thoughts to. I have so many things I would do if only I didn't have have a handful of baby most of the time...
1. knit--I'm pretty into knitting these days. It's sort of a theoretical obsession though because anytime I actually have the hands to do it, I have to do other annoying things like unload the dishwasher or fold the laundry.
2. Write. It looks like I can sort of do this with limited hands, thanks to my sling, but it is painfully slow as I keep having to stop and bounce up and down and fend the kids off of the keyboard, lest they hop on
3. cook something that's not spaghetti and meatballs or quesadillas. So sick of these two dinners.
4. Spend time developing all my cool invention ideas like magic blog helmet and baby paci helmet (device for keeping paci in baby's mouth). Most of my ideas are of the helmet variety.

Okay, bouncing and telling kids they can't use the computer while typing one-handed is for the birds.


Robin said...

I love the idea of some sort of headgear that records our thoughts, inventions, etc. without us having to write them down or type them out. Definitely give that some seriously thought when Teddy starts walking. But make sure I can delete stuff I don't want my kids to ever know I thought. :)

Love from the weeds of Dallas,

Grace said...

I need that so badly, my computer is so slow with all the softwares on it. I got the first issue of the american girl! Thanks! I'm Already doing the crafts. It is soooooo blogworthy.