Monday, June 22, 2009

And the winner is....

Please excuse the sideways-ness of this video...and the messiness of our playroom.

Congratulations to the big winner!!! She will receive a copy of Tilmon County Fire by Pamela Ehrenberg. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on my interview with Pam! Thank you especially to Pam for enduring my many many questions, and for chiming in in the comments as well. For those of you who didn't win the big prize this time, please go out and grab a copy of Pam's book from Amazon (click on the link above). It's a fast, engrossing read. You'll love it!

Well, I better run for fishing out the fireman hat from the dress-up box (for the above video) has really opened a whole can of worms dress-up-wise (if worms could dress up as firemen/doctors and pirates/dentists). I'm hoping I can pretend to be a patient/victim and maybe catch a few zzzzz's on the couch.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Robin said...

And at 41 plus weeks pregnant, I am indeed a BIG winner!! YAY! I'm so excited...this will be such fun to read in the early nursing days!

Thanks, Emma, for picking me!!!


Pamela Ehrenberg said...

I'm honored that Baby K3 will have such early exposure to the book--hope you both enjoy! Lots of happy-delivery wishes, and looking forward to your good news soon. Thanks again, Elizabeth, for hosting me!

Anonymous said...

I'm bummed out about not being chosen by Emma, but I've already ordered mine off Amazon! Just was so fun. Thanks to both of you.

Grace said...

Emma's cute. C Yall' in july!