Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How "De-Grating": Jon & Kate + 8 = Depressing

At first I felt sorry for Jon & Kate. Now, I think they're either sort of evil or just really, really clueless. It's hard to feel sorry for people who seem so intent on perpetuating (and profiting from) their own family's demise. I think TLC should pull the show (this will never happen) and stop the insanity. Here's an article from Slate that says things much more maliciously than I am capable of... I didn't see the show on Monday, but I don't really want to after reading this article.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I think it's all incredibly sad. They seemed like a normal family (except for the numerous quantities of kids of course) at the beginning and whether or not that's true, the course of their 'evolution' into seemingly willing participants in gossip columns is tragic. It's very depressing.

Phillips Family said...

I used to really love this show, back when the kids were babies and everyone was a bit happier.

I thought when Kate would see how shril she had started acting on reruns, something would change. And it didnt.

Then I thought when one of the children called her "mean" and claimed "to like Daddy more" live on a morning talk show, something would change. Again it didn't.

When the family started making the cover of every gossip magazine, I thought surely they would pull the plug on the show.

Apparently $50,000 an episode is worth more to them than the stability of their family.

I believe this show and the public viewing of the implosion of a family is beyond horrible. One day those children are going to be able to look back and watch their parents marriage fall apart on television. I do not want to even imagine the damage being able to view something like that would have on a person.

I quite watching last season because I could not stand how Kate was talking to the children, nor could I tolerate the constant yelling and hitting between the kids. I did watch the season opener a few weeks ago and found it terribly depressing.

Betherann said...

I rather agree.