Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Night Austen

Anyone else out there totally clueless when it comes to football? I used to watch (back when I was trying to land a husband) and feign interest, but really it just looks like a big mess to me, like a bunch of men running at each other and then there is the constant waiting around for something to actually happen while a beer commercial, then a car commercial, then maybe an auto insurance commercial, then another beer commercial come on and remind me that I am so not the target audience and have no business watching football, and then we're back to more guys running into each other. I do like when someone does one of those long runs down the field and makes a touchdown. I get excited and start clapping for that because I get that--there's immediate gratification when that happens. I just don't have the kind of brain that can sort out all the running into each other mess that is what makes up most of a football game. It just looks ugly to me and when I watch I instantly start daydreaming about what I'm going to cook for dinner or whether I'm going to use the bleach pen or Shout to remove the current stains waiting for me in the laundry basket. You know I'm not into something if I'm daydreaming about laundry.

Anyway, my husband is out watching football tonight. Some sort of playoff game or something? Who knows. I'm happy for him to have his guy time because my plan tonight is to 1) Put the kids to bed. 2) Eat some of the Lentil Sausage Soup that I'm currently making and then 3) watch Persuasion, the first installment in PBS's Jane Austen marathon. The Jane Austen marathon is going to be happening every Sunday night for the next few months. Maybe we should declare it an official girls' night in on those nights? We can all watch us a little Austen and then dish about it the next day? The men have their football and we have our Mr. Darcy. I think we're winning, how about you?


mdm said...

If I didn't hate LOL, I'd say LOL. Instead, I'll say I laughed out loud at this one. Astute observations. If it helps, I -- a male -- started cooking stuff while the football game was on. Maybe I'm not enough of a male. Or maybe I am. I didn't change a diaper during the broadcast.

Jennifer Lewis said...

Yes! I watched and I loved it. I didn't want it to end. I kept thinking that Miss Elliot reminded me of Pam from "The Office" and the captain was Jim. Isn't that funny?! I can't wait until next week!!

Elizabeth said...

MDM, you may not care for this, but has anyone looked at the "men of Austen" link on PBS's site? So dreamy! Like Tiger Beat for former English majors like myself.

Anonymous said...

How was Persuasion? I can't wait to see it...being TV-less never hurt so much!!