Friday, February 1, 2008

Birthday Pizza. Birthday Cake.

I’m in such a good mood today. It’s raining and cold outside and my only plans for the day are to wrap Brandon’s birthday presents (Happy 33, Brandon!!), make a birthday cake, make birthday pizza, hang out with my kids and maybe sneak off to the bathroom or my closet to do a little writing. A new character just came on the scene in the book that I am writing and he is the new breakout star. I had no plans for him to arrive, but he walked through the door yesterday and now things are really cooking in my story again. I love when that happens. Who am I kidding? That’s never happened to me, so I am just thrilled that this character has decided to grace my book with his presence.

I thought I’d share my recipes for birthday pizza and cake. Not that you asked, but I think it’s fun to get new ideas from time to time so I figured you might too. So, here’s a recipe for pizza dough. Don’t be scared of making your own dough…I’m so not the baking/measuring type, but I can do it. It really is exciting to see your pudgy little dough grow to twice its size in the span of an hour. At the end of the process you will want to carry your little dough around with you and show it to people you will be so proud. Then after you make the dough you can sit back and relax or you can start the process of making the chicken and roasted garlic for my “famous” (in my family at least) Roasted chicken pizza with peppers and potatoes. I invented this pizza based off of my memory of a pizza we always used to eat at a place called Cipollina’s in Austin. I honestly can’t remember much about that pizza except that it had pepperoncini and potatoes and chicken—a crazy yet fabulous combination of foods. So, the rest of the recipe I made up, but it works and it elevates pizza to birthday status. Click here if you want the recipe.

Here’s the recipe for chocolate birthday cake. It is the cake my mom always made for me on my birthday and it is the way chocolate cake should taste in my opinion.

Now I just have to decide how to decorate the cake. Emma wants it to be a Dora cake. Charlie is really pushing for a Spiderman scooter cake. I’m not sure if those things really sum up Brandon in a cake. If only I were a talented enough cake decorator to convey in icing just what an awesome father, husband and guy Brandon is... actually, maybe a Spiderman scooter cake is the way to go. Happy birthday, Brandon! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today filled with pizza and cake and all the things you love most.



Anonymous said...

Yes! Happy Birthday to Brandon! We'll be thinking of him today and tomorrow, too, at our Junie B. birthday party for Olivia.


Phillips Family said...

we have pizza every friday night and I always make the dough myself. It is quite fun to see that mixing a few ingredients and then setting them aside can create such greatness. I am sure your birthday dinner will be fabulous!

Pam said...

Belated happy birthday, Brandon! Hope you enjoyed that fantastic-looking cake! (I'm sure the pizza was delicious too). Talia has been singing "happy birthday" pretty much nonstop since her birthday (the same week as Charlie's, 8 months ago), so I'm sure she'll be happy to serenade you the next time our paths coincide. Hope you had a great day!

: ) Pam