Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Loser

I might possibly be the only person in America not watching the Super Bowl. Even NPR, which I was listening to tonight as I made dinner, did a story about what a loser you are if you're not watching the Super Bowl. As evidence they cited the fact that one of the only other things on TV tonight was a marathon showing of "The Biggest Loser." Next, NPR aired a re-run of some show about star gazing (which I listened to until dinner was ready).

Just as with anything involving a ball or a helmet, I'm perfectly happy to sit this one out.

Speaking of super about that Super Tuesday coming up? Here's a a cool way to figure out what you're looking for in a president. You just answer a few key questions and the magic website tells you who should vote for.

Night night....I'm off to write and then maybe watch a little Miss Austen Regrets. Happy Super Bowl!


Phillips Family said...

I am with you in the "Super Loser" category. Although I am totally not a sports person, I usually sit in the living room with the husband while he watches the big sporting events (I read and occasionally look at the screen). However, I just was not into the whole attempting to watch sports thing tonight. Rather I am tucked away in our bedroom writing while my husband cheers or yells loudly at the television in the living room.

Mama Monster said...

When people ask my husband where he's going to watch the super bowl, he says, "I'm not into baseball." (He's joking, but we're really not into sports...)