Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tah dah! Brandon's Blackberry Cake!

As you can see, I am not a professional, but much love went into this cake. It tasted pretty good too! Happy Saturday, everyone!


Susan said...

ha ha!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!

Well done, Elizabeth!!!!!! Your secretly a chef at heart, not a writer!!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Susan! I am also secretly a movie star, a ballerina, an artist and a princess (just in case you were wondering). : )

stacey said...

Too cute! I cannot even begin to think how long it must have taken complete each of those little "keys". You must have a lot of patience. I am impressed!

mdm said...

Have I ever told you how lacking in intelligence I am? (Remind me to go into detail in private.)

When I heard you'd made a blackberry cake for Brandon, I thought:

a) That sounds delicious.

b) I hope you used seedless blackberries because I recall him never liking blackberries because of the seeds.

c) (Eventually) What a clever idea.

d) You continually amaze me.