Friday, November 30, 2007

Calling All Citizens of Mommy Town!

Dear Mommy Town Reader,

Hi, it's me. I am writing to ask you for your family holiday traditions. Every year of our family's short, but happy existence we have lived in a new house, in a new city (yes, I know, we are crazy) and it feels like every holiday we are spending all of December figuring out where to buy a tree, where to buy gifts, where to go see lights, etc. Every Christmas is like a blank slate that we try to fill with memories, but it's hard to feel like all of these Christmases in different houses are part of the same chain. We need some traditions. Some things that we do no matter if we happen to be camping out that year or living in a high-rise apartment building. (Please, God, don't ever let it come to camping out on Christmas).

Back when I was an English teacher, I used to have certain days where all I did to prepare for class was come up with questions about whatever book we were reading and let the students split up into small groups to discuss. This is the oldest teacher trick in the book. All you have to do is walk around and listen to the groups teach themselves and nod thoughtfully.

So here's today's question: How do you celebrate the holidays? What traditions have you created that help bring you together as a family? I'm looking for crafts, recipes, decorating, gift-giving traditions, anything you can think of. Everyone move their chairs into groups of five or six. You have 30 minutes to discuss. Go! (You don't really have to move your chairs, just click the "Comments" button below.) This is your big chance to share your ideas with everyone in Mommy Town! Don't be shy!

Happy Friday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...well, I read an article recently entitled "The Tradition Junkie." Sadly, that is precisely what I am...trying each year to establish yet another tradition for my little family in hopes they will have memories CRAMMED full of good times as kids. My husband rolls his eyes and hopes by next year I will forget about whatever brilliant tradition I establish this year. I probably will. But one cool idea I stole from somewhere was to only give our children 3 keeping with the original Christmas. I like the concept of Christmas being more about OTHERS than ourselves. So whatever we can do as a family this year to reach out to others/give to others/serve others, I'm going to put a priority on. Also, we try to read the Christmas story first thing Christmas morning. I can't wait to do that this year now that Clara is a little older. Oh, and you should know that when asked what she wanted for Christmas, Clara (who lives in a TV-free home with a decidedly anti-TV mother) declared, "A Dora backpack." I had to laugh. I'm thinking it will be the favorite of her 3 gifts this year. :)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to take your little Clara to the Nutcracker!! Or at least start reading the book to her, as she will love hearing her name as the main character. The Nutcracker is definitely a tradition for us. We also make pumpkin bread and give it to as many of our neighbors as possible. We also eat tamales (hopefully homemade) on Christmas Eve after the Christmas Eve service at church.

Great blog idea!


~Gretchen~ said...

Someone on a mommy board i visit shared this one that I plan to steal:

In the week before Christmas, the kids in her house have a big Santa bag that they go around the house and collect toys in--things they don't use, things that are broken, things that they are too old for--and leave for Santa. When Santa brings their toys, he takes the bag back to the workshop with him to fix up and give to kids next year.

This will help with the toys taking over your universe, as well as teach giving.