Monday, November 5, 2007

What is your Real Age?

I generally catch up on my Oprah after the kids go to bed thanks to our beloved Tivo. Tivo's Oprah file is all Dr. Oz right now: Dr. Oz does medical interventions, Dr. Oz--A Younger YOU: Parts 1 & 2. Dr. Oz even chimes in on the Jessica Seinfeld sneaky puree cookbook episode. I was excited to see that he wore a pink shirt that day in honor of Jessica who I guess is known for loving shoes, pink stuff and purees. Dr. Oz, I love you, but why do you have to wear your scrubs on Oprah? According to Grey's Anatomy, surgeons have locker rooms where they can change into their street clothes when it's time to go home or on syndicated talk shoes. Anyway, I digress...Tonight's Oprah had lots of valuable info about things you can do to add years to your life. Dr. Oz wants us all to try to live to 100+, which sort of sounds miserable to me. That would mean I would have at least 68 more years of feeling awkward at parties and doing laundry. I don't know if I have it in me. BUT, I would like to stay cute well into my 70s, so maybe I will give Dr. Oz's tips a try. I took the Real Age test tonight and I'll post my results as soon as I know them (I know all 2 of you reading this are dying to know). Why don't you take the test too and tell me what you get? I want to know who I'll be hanging out with at the assisted living facility for 30 years!

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